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Low Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series

The Low Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series brings together an interdisciplinary group of thinkers examining how climate change not only stands to alter what we study, but also how we do so.

Through short and conversational exchanges, the series explores the prospects for more climate-safe research methods and media practices in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as well as the practical barriers and social and aesthetic norms challenged thereby.

Past lectures are archived here, in a significantly compressed form, to keep file sizes low enough to fit within the constraints of the Solar Protocol network and the local server at Trent University. Many thanks to the folks at Small File Media Festival for the technical suggestions to this end.

The 2021 Lecture Series was organized by Anne Pasek and featured the following talks:

Liftoff Holocene – Touchdown Anthropocene: Academics Reflect on Carbon-Intensive Scholarship in the Early 21st Century,
January 18th 2021, by Johan Gärdebo.

Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media: Research in IT Engineering,
February 9th 2021, by Laura U. Marks with Stephan Makonin, Alejandro Rodriguez-Silva, and Radek Przedpełski.

Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media: The Small File Media Festival,
March 9 2021, by Radek Przedpełski and Laura U. Marks.

Minimal Cloud: A Postcolonial (Low Carbon) Approach to Environmental Data Infrastructure and Computing,
April 7th 2021, by Cindy Lin.

An Autoethnography of Academic Carbon,
April 14th 2021, by Hannah Knox.