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Low-Carbon Research Methods Group

The Low-Carbon Research Methods Group is a loosely affiliated group of scholars interested in examining how climate change not only stands to alter what we study, but also how we do so.

Working across different methodological traditions, as well as discursive and nondiscursive forms of inquiry, the research group seeks to explore the social and institutional prospects of decarbonizing academia, as well as the equity and epistemological gains that might be won thereby.

The research group is currently coordinated by Anne Pasek of Trent University.

This website is hosted on the Solar Protocol Network in a Peterborough backyard.

As such, its availability depends on local weather conditions and the charge on a 12V battery.

front page of Solar-Powered Media with the title in red text over a yellow woodcut of a sun with audio and ethernet plugs coming out of its rays

Solar-Powered Media
A zine about why & how to build a personal, solar-powered server for sharing media online.

The 2021 Low-Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series
A series of short lectures on topics including academic mobility, small media, and data infrastructures, conducted from January - April 2021.

Low-Carbon Research: Building a Greener and More Inclusive Academy
A commentary on how the fossil fuel energy regimes that support contemporary academic norms in turn shape and constrain knowledge production. Published in ESTS.